If you have ever watched the movie entitled “Sleepless in Seattle,” which starred Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, you would say that what happened was love at first sight. This American romantic comedy has a storyline similar to the 1957 film “An Affair to Remember,” which starred Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Two people stare at each other, fall in love, escape their lovers, and meet at the top of the Empire State building.


Meant for each other

The line, “meant for each other” was the primary reason the man and woman in both movies got together. The relationship based on physical attraction was to unfold as serendipitous. The moment when the two stared into each other’s eyes was enough for them to drop their current relationships – for another person that had no certainty. The realization that their relationship was lacking that element of sex dating desire made them do things to escape. The attraction made them go “crazy” and obsessed enough to do all sorts of silly things that people do when they are in love. 

Love at first sight

But, what triggered the attraction? What makes two people click? The kind of attraction that is so strong, it will make a person drop everything for the glory of love. For a person to feel like they have found the right one, and move heaven and earth to be with that person.

The love hormone

Staring into each other’s eyes is an essential part of romantic moments and can create other types of relationship bonds. A person may use their eyes to send out unspoken messages such as desire. A wink can be flirty. A glance can be sexy. When there is eye contact, no matter how brief, it heightens emphatic feelings making the two feel like they are drawn together. The eye contact can make a person release the “love hormone” known as oxytocin.

The love drug

Oxytocin has a calming effect. It makes a person feel loving and tranquil. Oxytocin may trigger thoughts of love. This hormone is also called “the love drug.” When this love drug is released, there is an impact on our emotions.  Oxytocin plays a major role in our bonding relationships, such as marriage, long-lasting friendships, and even orgasms. However, when a person looks into your eyes, it might not necessarily convert into oxytocin. Some glares make the body react by releasing other types of hormones that bring about feelings of fear and aggression. There are times when eye contact is not sufficient to make the ‘love drug’ work. You have to build trust, and that may come about by physical touch.

Bring on the oxytocin

If you want to connect with someone, it is possible to do so in our digitalized world. There are apps for adult dating, like 6app.dating, that can pave the way for a meetup, and then you can make eye contact. You might meet the one who will make you “Sleepless in Seattle” because of the oxytocin brought about by “An Affair to Remember.”